Lauren and Danny are married! I am super excited to share this intimate Detroit wedding with you all! Pretty much from the moment I first spoke with Lauren, I knew this was going to be a super special day. Lauren is thoughtful in so many ways, and it showed throughout their day. She has married a true gentleman. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have captured these moments for them, and I'm walking away from this day knowing that I've made two new friends. Congratulations to them!


Lauren & Danny!




More YES Days, PLEASE!

You know the look your child gives you when they ask you for something fully expecting you are going to say no? But instead you look at them and say, YES. Mind = Blown. So often I feel like the "no" mom. No. That's not good for you. Not right now. Not today. Well, last week I decided we were going to have a YES day. I said yes to everything. No exaggeration here either. Everything. I said yes to the rides. Yes to the games. Yes to the face painting. The fair food and cotton candy. I even said yes to Josie stuffing rocks into her pockets to bring home to her already enormous rock collection (which I also had to carry her AND the extra rock weight back to the car when she was too tired to walk anymore). But, I said yes to it all. And you know what? It felt pretty frickin good.

A Quiet Spring Morning

I am almost afraid to say it since every time the words leave my mouth, it snows again. But I think Spring in Michigan is finally here! This morning while I was doing the dishes, I noticed the sun coming up. It was the perfect mix of sun, dewy grass and just a slight fog. I was instantly sidetracked. I grabbed my camera, threw the boots on my little Josie and headed out to the back yard to play. 

This morning light was EVERYTHING! 
I took 131 pictures while lying in the dewy wet grass, got soaking wet, shared a million smiles with my baby girl and couldn't pick a single favorite. These moments are gifts.

Hot Cocoa

The first hot cocoa of the season, extra marshmallows and the classic burned tongue that goes right along with it ❤ It was a must-do on a perfect chilly day! 

Apple Picking

Who says you can't go apple picking in the rain? In fact... I think I prefer it. We had the whole place to ourselves! We are all adjusting and really loving this whole new Midwest lifestyle. With that, comes new experiences. Going apple picking was a family first for us. We had never been before. I can't forget to mention the cider donuts and my continuous growing obsession with sunflowers. We went home to bake a fresh apple pie. Another first for us. It really is so lovely here!

Painting with Yogurt

SOoooo... the big kids are home this week on Fall break. Someone's been a little out of sorts that she can't be included in everything they do. Barbie seems to always be missing a shoe (I'm seriously 5 seconds away from throwing ALL of her shoes out while they sleep) and Shopkins aren't exactly safe for the little miss. So while the big kids were playing away with all of their choking hazards, this time without interruption and my perpetual fear nagging me... I scooped her up and we did some yogurt painting. It kept her quite busy and happy!

Josie and the Pussycats - Halloween 2015

So, my love for Halloween has graduated to a whole new level this year. This year I have a studio space... so how could I NOT start this Halloween off with a bang!  I have 3 girls... one of them named Josie. So I thought this year, we'd do Josie and the Pussycats for Halloween. I hit up Etsy, and found someone to make some custom leotards. They arrived at our doorstep Friday! We did a dress rehearsal over the weekend in my studio. My husband and I were thoroughly entertained (and admittedly came home with headaches from all the noise!!!).


Here are some shots I grabbed from our Pre-Halloween jam session. Enjoy!


Yep. They nailed it.


OK... your session is booked! Now, what should you wear?

This particular blog post will be a work in progress going forward as I add new pictures and examples, but wanted to have something that I can refer clients to when this question pops up. I promise that when a client absolutely nails their wardrobe... you will find it here! I also LOVE getting texts from clients from time to time while they are out shopping asking my opinion on wardrobe and styling choices. PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP DOING THAT. I enjoy being a part of selection process. If I ever feel that something won't photograph well, I will definitely let you know.

Here are some basic tips and recommendations:

  • Stay comfortable. Wear what feels good, and what fits. I can't stress this enough. If you aren't comfortable in your clothes (and/or shoes), trust me... it will show!
  • Coordinate. Don't match. Each unique individual personality in each photo is important. Matching all the same colors takes away from that. Instead, choose a color scheme. Find one unique piece or outfit you love, and then build off of that one. Choose three main colors to work with for flexibility. Stay away from fluorescent colors and try to stay away from greens (especially when shooting outdoors). Nothing too flashy, and if you can, avoid large prints/stripes. if you want to mix it up, try mixing plaids and/or small prints with solids.
  • Layer and accessorize. It can add dimension. But if you find yourself fidgeting and having to adjust it constantly... ditch it. Remember, the flip side to that - less is more, too. I am a sucker for a cool statement piece though (like a great hat, or scarf). Bow tie? Belt? Blazer? The answer will always be YES!
  • Remember to flaunt your best asset. If you are the self conscience type, skinny jeans and maxi dresses really do look great on almost ALL body types. Even super curvy gals.
  • When in doubt. Go for the vintage look. It will never go out of style.
  • Let's chat kiddos. Mainly hair pieces and shoes. These two areas are where I find things to get a bit awkward. I recommend keeping it simple. Try to avoid the all too tempting hair pieces & headbands with the ginormous flower or bow. Trust me when I say, that big floppy flower will just never lay right. Stay away from characters on shirts and shoes. Choose sandals, boots, Chuck Taylors, Mary Janes... otherwise, barefoot is always an option. Also, the bottoms of dirty old pair shoes is a tough one to fix. Dark soles are better for Fall sitting shoots. 
  • Now, let's chat babies. Keep it simple. VERY minimal. I have a TON of wraps and accessories. Bring maybe one or two things you want to have photographed, and I'll do the rest!
  • Lastly. Ladies and make-up. Go ahead and play up your eyes! Go a little heavier on the eyes that normal. Nothing Kardashian-like... but just a little more than usual to make your eyes pop. Mascara is key. Use black. Avoid glitter/shimmer. Use more matte/satin neutral shades. A more natural lip color is more flattering in portraits in my opinion, but if you are a red lip kind of girl...  go for it! I'll leave that decision up to you. Just periodically do a quick lip check to make sure it's not on your teeth. 

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Prop Duty

The studio is so close to being finished! While I'm not a super huge fan of over the top "proppy" images... I know that I do need a few more props on hand for those precious newborns. The girls and I went to work this week on adding some new fun things to our collection. They had a lot of fun making crowns. My mom is also here visiting, and that woman has been holding out on me... apparently she knits! I never knew. She's working on some bonnets too!