More YES Days, PLEASE!

You know the look your child gives you when they ask you for something fully expecting you are going to say no? But instead you look at them and say, YES. Mind = Blown. So often I feel like the "no" mom. No. That's not good for you. Not right now. Not today. Well, last week I decided we were going to have a YES day. I said yes to everything. No exaggeration here either. Everything. I said yes to the rides. Yes to the games. Yes to the face painting. The fair food and cotton candy. I even said yes to Josie stuffing rocks into her pockets to bring home to her already enormous rock collection (which I also had to carry her AND the extra rock weight back to the car when she was too tired to walk anymore). But, I said yes to it all. And you know what? It felt pretty frickin good.